Travel to Dartmouth

Dartmouth College is in Hanover, New Hampshire, just across the Connecticut River from Vermont, and can be reached conveniently by car or plane. Here you can find maps and driving directions.

Flying to Boston Logan Airport

The easiest way to get to Dartmouth is to fly into Boston Logan Airport (a major hub), and take the Dartmouth Coach bus line directly to Hanover. Dartmouth Coach is a private company that runs 9 round trips between Boston Logan and Hanover each day. A few things to know about the Dartmouth Coach:

  • A round trip ticket to Hanover, the last stop of the route, costs $62.
  • The bus stops at each terminal—locations are listed on their website.
  • The bus has complementary power outlets, wifi, bottled water, and pretzels.
  • Technically, a ticket is not a seat reservation, and seats are first-come-first-board. The organizers have never heard of someone not being able to get a seat on the bus, though. This also means that if you miss the bus that you chose when purchasing your ticket, you can just wait for the next one.
  • You must have a printed paper ticket.
Car rentals are also available.

Flying to Manchester Regional Airport

While Manchester Airport is closer to Hanover than Boston Logan, ground transportation is less convenient. Car rentals are available, and occasionally there is Greyhound bus service between Manchester and Hanover or between Manchester and White River Junction, VT, from where you can take a taxi (which should be reserved in advance).

Flying to Lebanon Municipal Airport

It is occasionally possible to fly into the very small single-gate Lebanon Municipal Airport located 15 minutes south of Hanover. The only planes that fly into this airport are eight-seat propeller planes, usually connecting through Boston. There are car rental agencies at the airport. If you'd like to use one of the area taxi services, you should reserve the taxi in advance. You cannot rely on Uber or Lyft service in the area.

Bus service from New York City

The Dartmouth Coach offers a route between New York City and Hanover, NH. Unlike the Boston route mentioned above, these tickets are seat reservations and much be purchased in advance (the earlier, the better).

Parking at Dartmouth

If you choose to drive to Dartmouth, you may purchase a parking pass upon registration. (If you're staying at a hotel, rather than a dorm, your hotel may have alternative parking options.) Parking passes cost $10/day, and can be picked up upon checking in to the conference.