Local Information

Campus Map

Please see this map of campus with important locations marked.

Campus Wifi

Participants can connect to the Dartmouth Public wifi network anywhere on campus—no username or password are required. Eduroam is also available.

Dining Hall Information

Participants staying at the residence halls (McLaughlin Cluster) will get a meal card that includes the following meals at the main Dartmouth dining hall ('53 Commons) between the first and the last night of your stay (e.g., if you are not staying Friday night, then Friday meals are not included): Monday breakfast/lunch/dinner, Tuesday breakfast/lunch, Wednesday breakfast/lunch/dinner, Thursday breakfast/lunch/dinner, Friday breakfast/lunch/dinner. Meals are buffet style (all you can eat), and there is a variety of food options.

Participants who are not staying at the residence halls may also choose to eat at '53 Commons, but they will have to pay $7.75 for breakfast, $10.75 for lunch, and $14.95 for dinner. There is also a variety of restaurants on Main St and Lebanon St.

The opening hours at '53 Commons are 7:00am—10:30am, 11:00am—2:30pm, 5:00pm—8:30pm from Monday to Saturday; and 7:00am—2:30pm, 5:00pm—8:30pm on Sunday.

Other Local Events